Centre for Earth System Science MAnagement next generation science coordination

A new paradigm: centre-based science management

We are a network of experienced project managers, who form the core of the centre for earth system science management (CESSMA). The centre is "virtual" in the sense that it integrates coordinators from different projects, institutions and locations. It aims to be sustainable by integrating project managers from different phases and experience levels to create a central place with institutional memory for optimal central science management.

A centre-based science management (in contrast to classical institute-based coordination) upends the classical approach of scientists at the program's leading institution, that is becoming project managers rather by chance. A designed centre for science management that coordinates and integrates several managers that work for multiple projects at the same time has many advantages

  • Best practice implementation and development 
  • Integration between similar projects and robust leadership - (German) integrated large infrastructure projects in the Earth System Sciences usually have overlapping partners. By bringing multiple project coordinators together in a centre, they can cover the breadth of German Earth system science research much more robustly than individuals in an institute-based science management paradigm.
  • Efficient methodology development


Professional service for complex science projects


This network will organize a series of workshops with the funding of BMBF to improve science management in Germany. The first workshop of this series will take place from May 31-June 2 of 2017 in L├╝beck.
In the long-run, the idea of CESSMA is to offer these improved services to the outside, but right now we are still in the consolidation phase.

You are preparing a large research project and need support? You are thinking about the best science management strategy for regionally diverse and interdisciplinary research programs? You just need a second look on a proposal or management strategy description? You have just employed a former scientist as project manager and need some specific, useful training? If you have any questions or need help, you can contact us. We will try to help you at any stage of your project - during proposal, planning, execution and closing phases. The network consists of experienced and certified project managers and we are happy to share this expertise with you and your inhouse staff.